The Border Right Now


A DHS source tells Fox News to expect about 15,000 illegal migrants to cross daily after December 21st, the day Title 42 ends. All of these people are unvetted and will support amnesty. Once they get amnesty, they will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats in what will become a one-party welfare state.

We have no idea who these people are who are invading with the blessings of politicians, the UN, South American Strongmen, and religious Leftist Organizations acting as NGOs. Do thank the soulless Chamber of Commerce for a lot of this. Gov. Abbott wants the NGOs investigated (see below).

Axios claims Biden is “bracing” for 14,000 daily, but that’s untrue. He is bracing for nothing. Biden is causing the invasion of 14,000 migrants a day. This is a full invasion of the United States, and the president chooses to do nothing but encourage it. Axios claims he’s coming up with a new rule to limit asylum – after they enter the U.S.

He should close the border if he is serious. Before he weakened the border further, it would have taken almost 15 years to deport the migrants who came in illegally from when he assumed office until April 2022. It has become much worse since then. An expected 7 million plus will pour in next year.

In Arizona, an injunction stopped the building of outgoing Gov. Ducey’s container border wall. Katie Hobbs promised during her non-campaign to open the border by removing the containers.

Over a span of several days, CBP officers at the port of entry in Nogales, Arizona, made eight separate fentanyl smuggling busts totaling more than 1.5 million pills, including some “rainbow” fentanyl. Pills were hidden in smuggler vehicles.


Gov. Abbott calls for an investigation into the role of NGOs in planning and assisting illegal immigration.


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