The CIA Might Emerge Again to Try to Stop Donald Trump


U.S. intelligence personnel likely will resume the activism they prominently displayed in 2016-2021 as the presidential campaign season deepens. That is according to John A. Gentry.

Former CIA agent John Gentry believes the CIA and ODNI became very politicized under Barack Obama, and they were happy to have Hillary Clinton in charge. John Brennan and the staff were displeased with the change, interfering with the “progress“ they made.


President Obama was the major instigator of the politicization of U.S. intelligence. His Executive Order (EO) 13583 of August 18, 2011, “Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce,” summarized his explicitly political agenda, which soon became known as “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI). Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dennis Blair converted an early version of Obama’s diversity agenda into Intelligence Community policy in 2009, before Obama’s government-wide mandate.

Gentry said, inexplicably, Donald Trump and his staff did not change any of that.


The intelligence services didn’t want any change in the Obama ideology, which is now, under Biden, DEIA; the “A” is for accessibility.

“DEI policies appeal to two general groups of intelligence people. First, leftists like them for ideological reasons. While liberals embrace DEI as a fairness issue, cultural Marxists know that DEI, an offshoot of critical race theory, is designed to be divisive in organizations and societies that embrace it. Second, the policy overtly favors privileged demographic groups — minorities, women, LGBTQ+ people, and later disabled persons — in hiring, promotions, and assignments. DEI thus is materially helpful for these people, who now comprise large and growing shares of the intelligence workforce.”


Morell, Brennan, Clapper, and others are well-known and have little credibility. However, leakers were never identified, so he believes they will emerge as a new generation of CIA/ODNI operatives who will try to stop Donald Trump.

“Of the former intelligence officers prominent in 2016-2021, no one was louder than former deputy CIA director Michael Morell. He started the blatant violations of longstanding, very functional CIA norms against political activism with his op-ed endorsing Clinton in August 2016. And he instigated the worst abuse of intelligence credibility. The open letter signed by 51 former intelligence officers that claimed, just before the 2020 election, that the New York Post’s accurate story about incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Morell later told the House Judiciary Committee the letter was instead an influence operation instigated by the Joe Biden campaign to fool voters just before the election. One of the people approached to sign the letter told me the pitch received was explicitly to help Biden. It was not to enlist intelligence expertise.”

Gentry is hopeful that there will be deterrence, and maybe people are onto them.

The heads of these agencies are arrogant and fanatical about their own alleged righteousness. He is attempting to raise awareness and warn people to look for propaganda.


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