The CLEANSING of all industries of people who won’t obey the State


United Airlines is about ready to terminate 593 workers for refusing COVID-19 vaccine. New York hospitals face mass firings. For example, Stonybrook Hospital in NY had up to 1100 on suspension but people are caving.

Unvaccinated Border Patrol agents will be fired on November 1st if they don’t get the vaccine. Novant Health fired 200.

Thousands in the Armed Forces face disciplinary action if they don’t get vaccinated, and the list goes on and on. Teachers, pilots, others are losing their jobs.

Pelosi is hoping to fine companies up to $700,000 per incident of unvaxxed and they are currently facing at least $14,000 per incident.

Many people not getting vaccinated are black, but the administration believes Trump supporters are largely to blame. As a result, many think the administration is hoping to put Trump supporters on the food lines and to cleanse industries of anyone guilty of wrongthink.

Black Lives Matter in New York sees it as racist. People who are not supporters of Black Lives Matter are willing to join up with them at rallies.

It might be time for people to band together on like issues. We are losing our freedoms for whatever reasons. The State is moving to take all power from the people. Can’t you see it?

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