MTG Lists 22 “Feckless” Republicans Who Wouldn’t Even Censure Tlaib


In a series of 11 posts on X, Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) listed the “feckless” Republicans who would not vote to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who has been actively supporting the terrorist network of Hamas. MTG corrected the list after Van Orden changed his vote and decided to vote “no,” and she recognized Cloud for voting to move the resolution forward.

She said, “GOPs unwillingness to fight fire with fire is why, as ‘conservatives’ we rarely conserve anything. The only way the insanity stops is if we make the Dems live by their own rules.”

“Our country is in the worst crisis in history in every category and the Democrats are full blown communists and Republicans can’t even censure Rashida Tlaib,” MTG wrote on X.

“Conservatives on this list hide behind excuses with their white wigs on and quote the constitution.,” she continued.

Some of the “no” votes were allegedly based on constitutional grounds and the right to free speech, something they hide behind a lot. MTG wasn’t buying it.

Chip Roy answered the dig from MTG this way: “Tell her to go chase so-called Jewish space lasers if she wants to spend time on that sort of thing,” he told me walking into conference this AM.

MTG replied: “Oh shut up Colonel Sanders, you’re not even from Texas, more like the DMV. Chip Roy’s career exists of working for politicians, working for campaigns for politicians, and being a politician himself. Unity Party all the way! Which is why you will never hold anyone accountable. PATHETIC!”

Thomas Massie on X explained his vote: “January 6 protestors were not insurrectionists, nor were those led by Rep. Tlaib. I voted to table a censure resolution of Rep Tlaib in part because it was modeled after legislation that condemned J6 protestors. Also: Free speech means protecting even the speech you don’t like.”

In response, MTG wrote: “Censure is Congress’s free speech to condemn another member’s actions and words (speech). Refusing to censure is not defending Terrorist Tlaib’s freedom of speech, it’s allowing her to continue. Until we force Dems to live by their own rules, nothing will change and you know it.”

In another post, she said: “They claim the reason they voted with the Democrats to table my censure resolution against Rashida Tlaib is bc her full blown support of Hamas, w/words and actions, is her “free speech”, yet they are unwilling to use Congress’s free speech, which is censure, to condemn her!’

Greene also unleashed on her colleagues since they did not want to vote to censure Tlaib, who is a Muslim because she has been exercising her First Amendment rights during Israel’s fight against Islamic terrorism.

She said: “Republicans who spout the constitution and quote the founding fathers with their excuses as to why they never hold anyone accountable and never do anything to stop the destruction of our country by the enemies in power forget that our founding fathers were so fearless that they risked life, liberty, and freedom and declared a revolution against the King with the strongest military in the world!”


Rashida Tlaib should not be in Congress. She has spread Hamas propaganda, incited a crowd outside the Capitol, and has way too many terror-tied friends. Even after it was proven Israelis did not bomb a Gaza hospital, she kept the post up on X, stating that they did, making her a liar and propagandist for a death cult.

Greene called Tlaib’s incitement at the Capitol an insurrection because she was playing on the same turf as communist Democrats who claim the riot and rally of J6 was an insurrection.


As for free speech, even Donald Trump doesn’t have that. This site doesn’t have that and is continually suppressed. Do we have the right to fight fire with fire? Does someone have a better idea?

Tlaib did unleash something far more dangerous than the rioters on J6.

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