The Dad And His Car


This is a story that speaks for itself. This Dad sees the car he had to sell to feed his family in a parking lot. You have to watch it.

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It’s so dusty in here all of a sudden!

I’m not crying, you’re crying

Darn. Something is in my eyes…must be allergies. Great video!

Very touching and sweet. Now for the bad news, when you get old it’s harder, if not impossible, to get in and out of a low-riding vehicle.

Made my week. Thank you.

Vacuum system for the pop-up headlights is leaking.

The feel good video of the entire week!!! Thanks for the happy tears. This was fantastic!

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

About 20 years ago when I had to sell my second car, a muscle car, because of my health problems that in turn had reduced my income…it broke my heart.

I had worked on that car for over 15 years, it looked great.My plans were to keep that car for all my life but life had other plans.

I still miss that car.

It was once part of the Montreal big car show at Place Bonaventure ( in 1998 if memory serves) …I did not win any prize, but lots of people stopped to tell me how great my car looked.

PS: We used to have two different car shows in Montreal, one was for new cars, the other was for muscle cars, classic cars, modified cars.