Tucker Carlson Interview with Devon Archer Pt II


Devon Archer went through his life up until Burisma and his hiring on the Board of the Ukrainian natural gas company. Mr. Archer thinks he was hired due to his closeness to deep-pocketed donors, and the hiring didn’t include ulterior motives. He brought Hunter on as counsel to look out for their interests in D.C. since he and Hunter mutually assisted each other when one had a lead.

Hunter was a lobbyist but was hired as a lawyer, which was the extent of the political influence. Burisma had a lobbying footprint, so it wasn’t unusual. Archer said if it stayed like that, it would have been fine.

About thirty minutes through the tape, they discuss the moment the relationship changed in May 2014, when Hunter was approached about using influence.

Viktor Shokin and his investigation followed. He was the prosecutor and was looking into Burisma. Europeans, including The Atlantic Council, allegedly wanted Shokin fired, labeling him corrupt. [Joe Biden could have prompted them.]

Within the business, Shokin was considered a threat to Burisma. He had recently seized co-founder Nikolay’s assets.

Shokin was fired after Biden bragged about using taxpayer money (a billion dollars) to extort Ukraine into firing Shokin.

Joe Biden didn’t discuss business dealings with Hunter’s Burisma associates, but “The prize is in knowing you have that proximity to power,” Archer said.

[Lobbyists probably cross the line often. Lobbying is a bad practice.]

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