The Deal Prigozhin Made


Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov publicly stated the terms of the deal the Kremlin made with Yevgeny Prigozhin to turn around and end the insurrection.

Coup’s Over

Prigozhin will not be indicted, but he will leave Russia for Belarus.

Wagner fighters who did not participate in the rebellion will sign contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Wagner fighters who did participate will not be charged.

He didn’t say if there would be a change in leadership at the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is what Pigozhin was most concerned about. It led to his crazy suicidal march to Moscow.

There is something wrong with Mr. Prigozhin, possibly PTSD. I don’t know how long he will survive after what he said and did, but the coup is now over.

Putin and Prigozhin were friends, and Putin did convince him to get into the war. Perhaps he’ll let him live.

The one thing Putin can’t forgive:

The Wagnerites leave Rostov:

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