Adam Kinzinger – A Prigozhin Puppet – Goes Bonkers


Adam Kinzinger applauds the insurrection by the Wagner group in Russia. He also claims it is a “massive blow for Tucker Carlson and everyone who repeats “Putin’s talking points.”

Kinzinger believes anyone who disagrees with the warmongering narrative is a Putin puppet. You must support wars that they deem “good” wars or you’re a puppet.

The Wagner Group began an armed march to a key Russian city last night. The Wagnerites then continued to Moscow. The Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Progozhin said he wasn’t against Putin, just the defense ministry. He claimed they were killing his men. At the moment, the coup is over and Prigozhin is turning his forces around.

So, the erratic Prigozhin is our go-to guy for the truth? Prigozhin’s a brutal, terrifying individual. But Adam Kinzinger thinks he’s the one we should listen to.


“There will be some instability in Russia, which has nuclear weapons. There’s concern about proliferation if the Russian republic falls apart into even more pieces,” Kinzinger told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

“I think, on the other hand, too, this is extremely good for the war in Ukraine. Because even if as Prigozhin is marching on Moscow – even if that fails, Wagner is out of the fight, and they were a significant part of this effort against Ukraine,” he continued. “Not to mention that all around the world, Wagner protects Russian interests, whether it’s in Africa or Libya and other places; this is a massive blow to the Russian Republic, a massive blow to their military effort.”

“And I will also say, it’s a massive blow to the people here in the United States, like say, Tucker Carlson, who have been parroting Putin talking points,” Kinzinger said. “To have Prigozhin, the head of Wagner, say ‘those have been lies.’ There have been a-lot of people parroting those Putin lies, and the head of Wagner even just said, those are lies.”

The wheels on this guy’s train have derailed. He’s irrational.

Massive Blow to Tucker Video:

Adam slammed people who defended our country and other innocent people in a tweet.


“It appears the dream of @TuckerCarlson @tedcruz @HawleyMO @TulsiGabbard @RepMTG and so many more of a strong Russia are evaporating even faster. Tag your favorite Russia lover,” he wrote.

It’s despicable to smear people as Putin lovers because they don’t want war.

“Good morning to everyone except those who thought Russia was a stable, strong country with which to model ourselves after. I’m thinking like @HawleyMO and @TuckerCarlson and of course Trump. Many of us knew it would fall apart. Just a bit earlier than most expected,” Kinzinger wrote in another tweet on Saturday morning.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton is the only one who conspired with Russia. She used Kremlin propaganda to concoct the RussiaGate hoax.

In a Friday afternoon tweet, the former congressman mocked Carlson and Gabbard and “all the Trumps and their toadie,” the lunatic wrote on Friday in response to a tweet by Anne Applebaum.

Applebaum wrote the following in her tweet. “Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner group, is now saying that all of the publicly stated reasons for the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine are false. In fact, after plundering the Donbas for eight years, the Russian elite got greedy and wanted more:…”

Crying Kinzinger

It’s so ironic to watch the anti-insurrectionists applaud an insurrection that could put someone in power in Russia who is more dangerous than Putin.

I question Adam’s intelligence and his sanity.  This lunatic likes Prigozhin better than fellow Republicans. He’s a Prigozhin puppet.

Furthermore, Prigozhin’s the guy who is most responsible for slaughtering Ukrainian soldiers, and he thinks he’s the go-to guy.

It’s hard to believe he is taking such a tough stance against Tucker. Tucker has been so concerned about him:

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