The Department of Education Is Investigating Ilhan Omar


David Steinberg reported on The Blaze that the Feds, including ICE, are finally investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar. Three departments are reviewing her potential crime spree.

Those agencies are the FBI, ICE, and the Department of Education Inspector General. They are investigating her series of felonies from 2009 to 2017.

ICE investigating is justice since she constantly calls for the abolishment of the agency. But the Department of Education Inspector General is investigating?

Steinberg explained, “This is related to evidence suggesting that Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage to a UK citizen may have been an attempt to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education.”

In The Blaze column, Steinberg provided the details:

This is related to evidence suggesting that Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage to a UK citizen may have been an attempt to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education.

● Shortly after Omar’s 2009 marriage, the new couple moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Omar enrolled at North Dakota State University in August 2009. Her husband enrolled the following year.

Omar received a degree in June 2011. According to Omar herself, she and her husband then permanently separated in June 2011. The marriage’s start and end coincide with the start and end dates of Omar’s NDSU enrollment.

Incredibly — according to address records, and a statement from Omar herself — she was also still living with her first husband, and their two kids, throughout this second marriage.

● In 2017, Omar finally filed for divorce. Under penalty of perjury, she submitted a nine-question form to the court attesting to having lost all contact with her NDSU husband in June 2011.

Dozens of verified social media posts, photos, and even a 2016 interview with the NDSU husband indicate otherwise. It appears Omar perjured herself eight times answering those nine questions.

(Click here for analysis of an additional court document Omar submitted, which suggests the likely motive for Omar taking such a risk. Each instance of perjury in Minnesota can receive a sentence of five years.)

We reported this as the PowerlineBlog and David Steinberg of PJ Media uncovered the information on Omar. It appears to be irrefutable evidence. Omar is very dangerous.

Scott Johnson at Powerline reported that it might be too late:

Several of the events in issue occurred so long ago that legal action based on them may well be barred by applicable statutes of limitations. Omar’s more recent false representations in state court filings seem to make an unlikely candidate for federal law enforcement. Omar’s fraudulent tax filings — about which she has refused to say anything other than that she is square with the IRS — raise other complications. I am afraid that if no charges are brought, Omar will claim some kind of vindication, although it would be nothing of the kind.

Anyone who looks seriously at the available evidence, including the evidence David has produced at PJ Media and on Power Line, will conclude that Omar is an unprecedented fraud.

That would be a shame. This information was known years ago. Worse than that, she will possibly be re-elected.



  1. The statue of limitation is seven years.Meaning; the past 7 years are fair game to accuse and prove a crime was committed by Omar. Anything between 2013 to the present the Somalian impostor, bigamist, and fraud can be tried for. She can either be sentenced to prison, stripped of her citizenship and deported, or both. This Islamic terrorist sympathizer, liar and fraud does not belong in public office and should be made to return whatever government salary she has received as part of her sentence if found guilty..

  2. Ilhan Omar is a fraud on so many levels. The thing that bugs me about her election, and the other Muslim females who were elected to office, is that she would not have been able to even run for office in Somalia or any other Islamic country. In fact, Ilhan Omar would have most likely been assassinated for doing such a thing, women aren’t allowed to run for office in Islamic countries.

    And this is where we see the utter hypocrisy of Muslims in the United States. Ilhan Omar won her seat in the House because she could count on the 70 Thousand plus Somali voting block in her Minnesota District. Yes, she has a HUGE Somali voting block in her District thanks to Obama and Bush Jr.. And Islamic organizations, such as CAIR, made sure that her community would support her election even though there is no way in hell she would have been able to run in such places as Saudi Arabia, Iran, or even her own Somalia. Utter hypocrisy.

    If the federal cases against her doesn’t stick, she now has some 90 Thousand Somalis in her District who are registered voters, and it is highly likely that she could get reelected.

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