Ilhan Omar Has Stiff Competition in the Next Election


Ilhan Omar has several people vying for her seat in Congress and the latest to enter the fray is a very impressive woman, a refugee herself.

Dalia has made a great impression in only the first week of her campaign.

She is a Republican, but most believe she can’t win in Minnesota’s 5th. The borough is said to be lost to Republicans. Most believe Omar can only be defeated in the Democratic primary. That may be true, but it is encouraging to see such a worthy opponent.

Dalia Al-Aqidi is a Muslim woman from Iraq who loves America and Trump. She’s released her first ad and she sounds pretty terrific.

In 2014, al-Aqidi began wearing a cross to show solidarity with Christians being murdered by Islamic radicals.

Ms. Al-Aqidi is stiff competition. She is accomplished, knowledgeable, intelligent, all the things the anti-American Omar isn’t.

We will get to see who the people in the community want representing them. Hopefully, its Dalia Al-Aquidi.

Watch her video:

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