The Depraved Indifference of Democrats to Killing Christians


Six Christians, including three young children, were murdered by a transgender mass murderer who had planned the attack for months. No one from the Biden administration attended the funeral or visited the grieving families afterward, not even the ‘Good Catholic,’ Joe, except for his wife Jill, who showed up to a memorial and offered condolences quietly.

Democrats immediately went to politics, defining the heinous murders as the fault of society and guns, not the hate-filled trans person.

They’re killing Christians now.

Democrats exposed their depraved indifference to the slaughter as they weaponized the deaths of six innocent Christians. They were hailed in their media for their actions.

Kamala Harris went to Nashville, but for a despicable reason. She stood with the radical leftist mob.

She wouldn’t speak with the families of the victims of political violence. Instead, this evil woman supported the so-called “Tennessee Three,” who incited an insurrection in the Tennessee capitol. One of the three, Justin Jones, made racist remarks, attacking Rep. Kumar as someone who put a brown face on white supremacy.

This slaughter of six innocent people had nothing to do with white supremacy unless you want to admit the trans murderer Audrey Hale was a white leftist supremacist out to kill Christians.

Under the guise of gun grabbing, the three leaders of the mob Justin Jones (black), Justin Pearson (black), and Gloria Johnson (white) made their way to the capitol amid a mob of screaming banshees. One of the three grabbed a bullhorn as they and the mob skirmished with police. The three heroes of the far-far-left led a small mob of “protesters” to the balcony overlooking the legislative floor. They used the bullhorn to shout down their colleagues, keeping them from conducting official business. Representatives had to be evacuated as the rioting protesters blocked the exits.

This fits the Democrat definition of an insurrection, but Democrats are above the law.

Their depraved actions on the House floor ten days after the slaughter of innocents got them expelled.

Depraved Fascist

Republicans held them to account by voting to expel all three from the legislature. They failed to get white Johnson dismissed over one extra vote in her favor over the two black men – one vote.  Each Rep. had a chance to make their case. She threw the other two under the bus and said she didn’t scream or use the bullhorn so a Republican who was going to vote to expel her, changed is mind. After keeping her seat, she despicably suggested she kept her seat due to racism.

Straight shooter Matt Walsh told the truth. Kamala came to stand with the people supporting the trans terrorist murderer who is being hailed as a victim.

Inciting hate, a depraved and detestable Kamala Harris turned it into a free speech issue. That is the very thing the left tries to destroy for those who disagree with them.

Barack Obama echoed Harris, his good friend.

Biden and The Encore

Joe Biden, who never met a leftist terrorist he didn’t like, invited the three troublemaking lawmakers to the White House.

Biden’s invite and conference call with the trio came on the same day Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Nashville to meet with the lawmakers dubbed the “Tennessee Three.”

The victims were lost in all this. The leftists weaponized them.

Murder victims of the trans person.
AOC Stands With Fascists

AOC, a flaming @$$ fascist, had her say. She’s calling the Republicans what she in fact is – a fascist who silences the Right. The fascists were the three far-left Democrats who silenced their colleagues.


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