The Endless Counter-Revolution


Source: Wikimedia Commons

By Bob Bennett

To truly understand the impeachment effort of the House, we have to study the history of the party perpetrating it. Democrats, the party of the Left, have a long history of anti-Americanism, anti-freedom, and anti-independence.

Driven by an evident distaste for America and its culture, their mission for the last hundred years appears to have been to thwart the American Dream, and to deny Americans freedom and independence.

Their political methods have always featured deception,distortion and smearing of their opponents; their domestic policies comprise mindless and annoying policies that have delivered economic ruin to blue states and cities. Their foreign policy initiatives have been marked by empathy for enemies like the Soviet Union, Cuba and Iran. Democrats’ policies degradethe culture through contrarian policies and division.

We can trace the Party’s history back to slavery and segregation, which they invented and fought to preserve. Their division of the races lives on today in the slums of blue states, where crime and substandard schools forever deny black Americans access to the American Dream.

Though segregation was defeated decades ago, today the Left, and many Democrats foster renewed strife between the races by pushing propaganda that white Americans enjoy special privilege and that police are racists who seek to hunt down blacks.

The Left Destroys America in bizarre new ways

Democrats tactics are more destructive ever before. In foreign policy, they not only side with enemy nations like Iran, they oppose the president’s efforts to limit infiltration of illegal aliens, who could include terrorists, into America and to track those that are already here. Trump’s initiatives to keep terrorists out with a travel ban on terror-ridden nations were countered by leftist courts, in spite of his statutory power to bar entrance to aliens he deems a threat.

The Department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)conducts terror investigations of visa holders before and afterthey enter the country. It also combats illegal immigration, prioritizing the identification, arrest, and removal of criminalaliens. 

Democratic lawmakers loudly call for abolishing ICE and have even launched a bill to accomplish that.

Domestically, the Left causes chaos by blunting law enforcement. The previous administration forced consent decrees on police departments, hobbling cops around the Nationand spewed anti-police propaganda which launched the hate-cops movement; See “White House race-baitinghere.

Today, Democratic cities are decriminalizing some crimes andeliminating bail on others. They foster the deranged anti-law enforcement movement: During the 2018-2019 school year, the BLM@School program held its second national week of action in some 30 different cities.

The war on our children

The Left has long weakened family structure with welfare incentives, and it’s opposed religion at every level. It now seeks to destroy America’s children directly. It systematically teachesa negative version of American history in the schools, where italso indoctrinates children in the gay lifestyle and transgenderism.

If the policies of the Left and the Democrats are allowed to continue, they will ultimately undo the American Revolution by destroying the Republic it created. Unfortunately, their entire party is now engaged in an effort to preserve established Democrat policies by perpetual resistance to the elected president and defaming him with impeachment.

The impeachment will cause permanent damage

Even though a Senate trial will surely exonerate him, the Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump on such inconsequential charges is an existential threat to the free country we’ve been blessed with. It reveals, beyond all doubt, none of us—even the presidentcan expect due process when charged. Conviction by accusation will henceforth be the rule; we’ve already seen that with Judge Kavanaugh’s summary conviction by unproven claims. The Dems have tasted blood and now talk of impeaching him. They also talk of impeaching Trump a second time if he survives the current impeachment.

The fundamental right to express oneself is no more: a careless violation of leftist speech tenets, particularly racial ones, can spell job loss and disgrace. It can generate violence as well. Heather MacDonald, author of “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe,was barred from speaking at Claremont McKenna College by violent protesters. The event had to be viewed over closed-circuit television. Similar incidents are occurring more and more often.

Notably, Ms. MacDonald had indirectly violated race tenets: many of the protesters chanted,Black lives matter.

The Left’s endless counter-revolution will eventually eradicate America’s freedoms. Stay tuned:  It’s only a matter of time before those committing such transgressions will face arrest and imprisonment in a reprogramming camp. Or they’ll simply be beaten to death in the streets by a new Red Guard. 

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Ed Smith
Ed Smith
3 years ago

It’s about time the Democrat Party is charged under the RICO statutes. It’s clearly Racketeer influenced and a corrupt organization.

3 years ago

The worst of it are those Republican enablers, such as Senator Mike Lee. His is now working with Communist Sanders to restrict the President’s powers. Of course he tries to extricate himself by saying the killing of Soleimani may be justified.

The Constitution grants “sole power to the Congress” in matters of impeachment. But does it “grant” that sole power in matters of war. It merely state the Congress has the power to “declare” such war. The Constitution also rests the Executive as the “Commander-in-Chief” of the Army and Navy.

What If, the Congress decides to declare such a war but a President is unwilling to pursue it. Does the Congress then conduct the operations of such a war. Senator Lee seems to suggest this is the case, and he’s not the only person who seem to believe Congress can dictate how a war is prosecuted. Why then is the Executive give the power of Commander-in-Chief.

The theory that a War declaration is an ‘inherent’ power of the Congress seems to be taken from the Continental Congress which had rested the power of war and peace, raising an Army, created a Navy, and adopted the Declaration of Independence. If the Courts use this basis for a rationale then decisions should necessarily take into account more than the Constitution itself. Yet the Supreme Court doesn’t base their rulings on other documents.

The Congress are not left without any recourse. If a President should choose to engage in a war that is unsupported by a large majority, they “do” have the power of the purse. There were many complaints by the public where Congress failed to use that power against the Obama Administration. They can quite easily pass legislation that “no funds” can be used for such a purpose. This power came into full scandal mode with the Iran-Contra affair and the Boland Amendment.

Therefore, there is a balance weight between Congress having the “ability” to declare war and the power of the President as Command-in-Chief and what is best for the country. The President did make a valid point in a situation that is imminent and the requirement in asking “permission” from Congress. But Congress just can’t say it is permissible by a “phone call”. It will take both Houses to pass the declaration by a Joint Resolution. Then, what if, both Houses are adjourned and on recess.

Finally, there was no concern or immediacy when Obama has pursued the same type of drone attacks. But going to the extent of wanting legislation that completely forbids any action pursuant to Iran would not only allow Iran, but telegraph TO them that the President is incapable of retaliatory action, and thus mount any number of serious attacks.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

He would do FAR BETTER if he NAMED NAMES, INDITED, & PROSECUTED the “HURRICANE” Traitors; & PROVED to “We the People” that he REALLY INTENDS to CLEAN HOUSE”….NOT simply apologize!!!

There ARE (at LEAST) a dozen verified TRAITORS on the “7th floor”! Wray NEEDS to ACT…NOT SIMPLY APOLOGIZE!! Ether THAT, or TRUMP NEEDS TO GET RID OF THE “questionables”!!!