FBI Director Wray Tells FISA Court He ‘Deeply Regrets’ the “Errors & Omissions”


FBI Director Christopher Wray had until Friday to tell the FISA judge how the bureau would address the many errors in obtaining the spy warrant on Carter Page. Page had been tied to the Trump campaign as an adviser and shortly after he left the campaign, the warrant was obtained. The agency seriously damaged his reputation and his career with a warrant based on evidence they knew was fabricate and unverifiable.

They not only relied heavily on a dossier they knew was a fraud, but the FBI officials also signed off on three more warrants and used them to spy on a presidential campaign and then the President.

The director didn’t work very hard to respond to the judge. Read the letter below and tell us if you think this is sufficient.

He began by apologizing.

“The FBI has the utmost respect for this Court, and deeply regrets the errors and omissions identified by the OIG,” Wray wrote in a letter to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

The judge demanded to know how they would remedy the situation, which included 17 errors or omissions [or deliberate lies].


They are adding steps to make certain the information is reliable, and there will be a prompt notification to the court. There was a lot of vague gobbledegook and it’s not clear what they are doing, but they will collectively provide grounds for the warrant.

The FBI is conducting an audit and will work with the OIG to correct problems arising from the audit. They have procedures in place and are reminding their agents to crosscheck, and they have to keep a file.

Sources have to be verified as reliable. Undocumented materials have to be removed. They are adding more steps to supplement processes.

“FBI personnel will be instructed on the errors and omissions that were made in the Carter Page FISA applications and associated processes,” Wray said.

The training will include a test “to confirm that personnel understand the expectations and the materials,” as well as certification for FBI employees who have completed the training, he added.

Wray set April 30 as a deadline to complete the training.


To step in here, these ‘mistakes’ appear to be very deliberate. They don’t need to be reminded or trained. It appears all the necessary steps were in place and they chose not to follow them.

The dossier was unverified and they lied to the court, claiming it was verified. They lied to the public repeatedly, pretending they didn’t rely on the dossier. The dossier was a clever invention of Fusion GPS and British ex-spy Christopher Steele based on gossip. It was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

One FBI agent also failed to disclose that the CIA said in August 2016 that Page was an “operational contact” for the agency.

They don’t need training in our humble opinion. They need to be admonished or fired. This is absurd. It’s as if the FBI lives in an imaginary world and we are all supposed to travel through the Looking Glass with them to Wonderland.

Misc 19 02 Response to the Court’s Order Dated December 17 2019 200110 by Maura on Scribd



    • Christopher Wray Graduated law scho9ol the same year as I did. Chris Wray is just another punk bureaucrat who needs to be fired

  1. Just another Washington DC Whitewash. But it’s all fixed now because Wray has emailed a video. We can all rest easy now and ‘know’ this will never happen again.
    They are all bound as one by their own self-righteousness. And, NOW, the person appointed in overseeing the entire disaster is another self-righteous one.
    Judge Collyer had already scolded the FBI after Rogers of the NSA exposed them in the unmasking scandal. How many scandals before people are actually fired or criminally charged.

    If anyone believes AG Barr, and Durham, will do any better I seriously doubt it. Durham is praised for the Bulger case look no further than who was charged and who wasn’t touched. Higher level people are Never held accountable. It’s a matter of biding time. Investigate and investigate until such time the public becomes disinterested. How many were talking of Huber getting to the bottom and the thousands of “sealed indictments”. It “had” to be true. Look at all these sealed Federal cases. It was only a matter of time. Evidently “very” few understand the sealing of cases in the Federal courts. Many could simply be “Civil” cases that are sealed until they meet the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in stating a claim. The Courts do not want to be the smear merchants of some plaintiffs.

    In the case of Huber and the non-investigation, WHERE is the outrage. It was reported on and Now forgotten in the waste bin of history. Never to be heard of again. So I don’t expect anything from Barr or Durham.

  2. “The FBI deeply regrets the “public found out about” the errors and omissions and “outright lies” identified by the OIG………………………..there I fixed it for ya Wray

  3. Chris Wray should have been fired a long time ago , instead of weeding out corruption he’s become a big part of it and covering up for criminals .

    He’s God awful .

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