The Everyday People Who Burned to Death in Maui


I hope to fully disobey FEMA and the Maui County officials who tell people not to post any videos or imagery of Maui while they clean up.

The road out was blocked, and the people couldn’t get out. They’re finding charred remains or just bones. The bones of babies are found in car seats. The bones of one 14-year-old boy, three days from his birthday, were found on top of the bones of his dog that he was hugging at the time of his death.

The media has put a veil of silence over the deaths. Lift the veil until everyone is accounted for and Maui gets the help they need. And until the criminally negligent are punished.

The FBI says 1100 people are missing. Some tourists are missing. Where are they?

We pray they will be found, but they haven’t found them after 14 days. Many of them are children who were home from school.

The Bidenista administration treated them deplorably. It’s heartbreaking. Every day people are as important as anyone with a big bank account or a well-recognized name. The dead boy is extremely important. The babies and their families are very, very important. Maui is important.

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