The Evil Sex Trafficking of Tiny Children at the Border


“These are the times I am discouraged about my job as a representative,” Scott Bottoms, began, “and also just what happens here in the Capitol. We sat in a committee all day discussing whether or not somebody that buys little children; these are 2,3,4,5-year-old kids. They buy them for sex. Then we tried to get a bill through. Represent Bradley sent one through that it was going to put these buyers in jail.

“Right now, most of the time, they get off on probation.

“Almost all the time, they get off on probation after buying a child and raping a little child. and we tried to say, “Well, they need to at least serve a minimum of four years, and then we sat and listened to the Democrats fight against this bill. Fight against putting these people in jail and come up with all kinds of reasons, including that these buyers are victims themselves.

“This is very discouraging, and it’s also very disgusting for me that they would actually defend this.

“And then they voted it completely along party lines. The Democrats voted 100% that they did not want to put these pedophiles in jail. They defended the pedophiles.

This is why it’s so difficult sometimes to do what we do around here. We know we’re on the side of right. We know on the side of morality, and we get shot down by — I do not understand the thought process behind this — get shot down.

This is why I would encourage you to do a few things to help us with this. First, if you believe in prayer at all, please pray. We are fighting truly dark forces here. This is not OK. This is evil stuff that we’re dealing with, and if you have the ability to come up and testify on bills or anything like this, please do so. Your voice is very important to what we’re trying to accomplish around here. We are the minority, but with you, we become a powerful force.”

House Republicans are trying to fight this. Speak up, send letters, badger them, and do not remain silent as evil permeates our government with misguided or evil people. Do they like pedophiles or just feel anything is okay as long as it makes them powerful? I wonder. Since the media lies, the public doesn’t know the truth.

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