The Fine Example Set by the Disappearing Defense Secretary


General Lloyd Austin disappeared during the first week of January 2024 as the world exploded. No one who needed to know where he was knew where he was because he didn’t tell them. It not only defies all common sense, it’s dangerous.

As it turns out, he had complications from a procedure and has cancer. He apologized for “not doing a better job” and said he “takes full responsibility,” but we don’t think he meant it.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

He’s not taking responsibility. Instead, he’s pretending there was something wrong with the process.

Austin’s Department of Defense had launched a 30-day review regarding his hospitalization. According to the news release, the review “focused on understanding the facts and evaluating the processes and procedures in place at the time to inform recommendations on process improvements, including relating to notifications.”

“It states that the review and its recommendations are helping to inform internal policy deliberations regarding lessons learned and improvements to processes and procedures.”

I guess this is what is called accountability in the Biden administration.

All Americans should be able to use this if we do something wrong.

When the IRS comes after us for not paying taxes, we should be able to institute a 30-day review on how to improve IRS tax collection.

If your dog bites someone, simply say you’re conducting a 30-day review on why dogs bite people.

If I decide not to go to work, I can simply conduct a review for 30 days on how to get me to work.

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