Andrew Yang Calls for a Reckoning If Institutions Let DJT Win


Do you remember Andrew Yang? He was all the rage as a presidential candidate for about fifteen minutes. Then he ran and lost in the mayoral. He’s a bright attorney and businessman but misguided. He has decided that Donald Trump must not win and said, “If Trump wins again, there should seriously be a reckoning at every institution that enabled that to happen. But there won’t be.”

Andrew Yang

No institution should ever go anywhere near the elections, and they should not influence them, much less be reckoned with if they don’t. This is supposed to be a country of, by, and for the people – all the people. Anything less, then it is not a free country.

Is this how other Democrats think? They must, because Biden is militarizing every government agency to defeat Trump. Kamala Harris is organizing a coalition, including teenagers, to get out the Democrat vote. The same elites — who banded together in 2020 to defeat Trump and became the subject of Molly Ball’s article in Time Magazine –are influencing corporations, the media, and other entities to propagandize the election. Deep-pocketed elites are funding voting initiatives that compromise security.

And, isn’t this what all this illegal immigration is about?

If Donald Trump wins, it’s only because the people won. He only has the people.

We only have Donald Trump, like it or not, to save us from the ideology of the hard left and the tyranny of the elites.

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