The Fiscal Drain of Illegal Immigration


The FAIR study, released in March last year, documented the financial toll of illegal immigration on the U.S., taking into account factors like emergency medical care, incarcerating illegal aliens in local jails, and federal budgets that pay out billions in welfare every year, pegging the net annual cost at $150.7 billion.

That is a low estimate. It was based on only about 6 million illegals a year ago. It’s likely double that.

The report detailed the presence of over 617,607 non-detained aliens with criminal records within U.S. communities a year ago. It’s a disturbing trend. We also have military-age men from countries like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and so on.

Republicans completed a well-researched report and found that immigrants, in general, are a net fiscal drain and illegal immigrants more so.

These numbers do not reflect the cost of other services, including medical and education. It doesn’t count the loss due to crime.

Abandoned Mall

New York City is spending about $387 per day per migrant (it has gone up to $391) to provide food and shelter to the 64,800 migrants in the city, according to data from NYC City Hall.

This is only one city that is spending about $110 billion, not counting medical, education, and crime costs. It won’t take long to get bankrupt.

“In the last two months, Mayor Adams has laid out plans to save billions of taxpayer dollars as New York City manages a national humanitarian crisis, and the numbers show that our efforts are working,” a City Hall spokesperson told The New York Post Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we have poor black and white Americans and veterans living on the streets. That problem wasn’t solved, and the powers that be decided to add foreign homeless to the mix.

Mayor Adams ordered all city agencies to slash spending by an initial 5% last November — and then a further 5% in January — in response to the ever-growing costs of the migrant crisis.

Adams is utterly useless. They keep coming because they’re taken care of.


This is another way to look at it.

Attorney General Paxton computed some of the costs for Texas, and they shell out about $855 million a year for illegal aliens. He came up with these numbers:
  • Texans pay between $579 million and $717 million each year for public hospital districts to provide uncompensated care for illegal aliens.
  • Texans paid $152 million to house illegal criminal aliens for just one year.
  • Texans pay between $62 million and $90 million to include illegal aliens in the state Emergency Medicaid program.
  • Texans paid more than $1 million for The Family Violence Program to provide services to illegal aliens for one year.
  • Texans pay between $30 million and $38 million per year on perinatal coverage for illegal aliens through the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Texans pay between $31 million and $63 million to educate unaccompanied alien children each year.


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