Fani Willis Stays on RICO Case as Wade Goes – Can’t Get Rid of Corrupt Dems


Update: Nathan Wade resigned, and Fani Willis gets off scot-free.

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade lied under oath but won’t be punished. After making hundreds of thousands of dollars, he must leave the case, or Fani Willis will have to leave with her team. That is the decision of Judge McAfee in Georgia.

What does it take to get a Democrat removed from a case?

Yossi Gestenenr, an X influencer, said Trump attorneys are – at risk of – losing their licenses for trying to represent their clients in 2020 without being accused of manufacturing evidence/paying off fake witnesses. Yet here, a brazenly corrupt and lying DA can remain! They are not this brazen in Russia!

Is McAfee a coward?

Brenden Dilley wrote on X: I am absolutely SHOCKED that a guy who once worked for her, donated to her campaign, and voted for her also ruled in her favor.

McAfee said, “Neither side was able to conclusively establish by a preponderance of the evidence when the relationship evolved into a romantic one.”

“Reasonable questions” that remain about the timing “underpin the finding of an appearance of impropriety and the need to make proportional efforts to cure it,” the judge added.


In a 23-page ruling issued Friday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee wrote that the defendants “failed to meet their burden” in proving that Willis’s relationship with Wade — along with allegations that she was financially enriched through trips the two took together — was enough of a “conflict of interest” to merit her removal from the case. But, the judge also found a “significant appearance of impropriety that infects the current structure of the prosecution team” and said either Willis and her office must fully leave the case or Wade must withdraw.

The booty calls couldn’t convince Judge McAfee.

“As the case moves forward, reasonable members of the public could easily be left to wonder whether the financial exchanges have continued resulting in some form of benefit to the District Attorney, or even whether the romantic relationship has resumed,” McAfee wrote.

“Put differently, an outsider could reasonably think that the District Attorney is not exercising her independent professional judgment totally free of any compromising influences. As long as Wade remains on the case, this unnecessary perception will persist.”

Even liberals knew she deserved to be removed. Gov. Kemp just signed a bill allowing him to remove corrupt DAs. He can start with Fani.

This article is updated to include comments by Hewitt, Dilley, and Gestetner.

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