The Full Horror Story of the Rape & Cover Up in Loudoun County, VA


The reporter who uncovered the full story about the Loudoun School District father whose daughter was raped by a boy in a skirt spoke with Glenn Beck. The full story is horrific and the people running that school are evil. There is no other word more fitting.

As we reported, the Loudoun County School Board tried to cover up the rape of a child by a boy in a skirt and then had the upset father silenced and arrested.

There’s more to this very disgusting cover up.

The Daily Wire investigative reporter Luke Rosiak said it began with a father being tackled and left bloody by police. The embarrassing photo of the father became the avatar of the conservatives allegedly meddling in the school.

Then the National School Board Association put out the letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists. This poor parent was used as one of their main examples. The father was in the media but no one bothered to ask him why he was at the meeting. People simply decided he was a bigot.

The father said he was there because his daughter was raped and sodomized in a girl’s bathroom by a boy in a skirt. That’s why the father came to object to the bathroom gender policy.

The school board was publicly saying they knew nothing about a rape. The Superintendent lied and said there was no bathroom incident and yes, the father became angry.

The prosecutor tried to put the father in prison for disorderly conduct although no one goes to prison for it. And the prosecutor knew about the rape.

The father isn’t even political. He went to the board meeting for information.

The boy was charged and about to be convicted when, six weeks later, he raped another girl after this rape. Instead of protecting the children, the school transferred the gender fluid rapist to another school where he raped the second girl.

One board member has resigned but they all need to go, especially the Superintendent. These people are monsters.

Mr. Rosiak said, “There are hyper political zealots who put politics over education…children were raped in service of an agenda.”

“They are so twisted and dark…” said Glenn Beck.

Except for Fox, Newsmax and OANN, it’s being ignored by the media.

Keep in mind that after this, Terry McAuliffe, the terrible past governor of Virginia who is running again, said parents shouldn’t have a role in the schools.


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