The Green Energy Transition Is Happening Without Working


According to an energy expert, the green energy utopia isn’t happening any time soon. Wind and solar have only created problems.

Brent Bennett with the Texas Public Policy Foundation told KTRH, “What’s happening with our policy is essentially the government trying to predict the future. They’re trying to say, ‘These technologies are gonna be IT, and this is what we need, so we’re gonna pour a bunch of money into them.”

According to Bennett, however, these investments will just harm our power grid. He says those green investments are “crowding out” good investments in grid resiliency and improving and growing our fleet of dispatchable power plants.

Bennett says there will likely come a time when nuclear becomes the primary source of power, but fossil fuels will always have their place, meaning a full-blown “Energy Transition” is probably never really going to happen.

No one seems to be saying this, but I’ve thought it myself. The energy transition is a black hole for tax dollars, but it won’t succeed.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the radicals won’t push us to the point of destruction.

If you listen to the climate tyrants, the transition is moving ahead quite well. This is what they say:

Renewable energy capacity has increased by 130% over the past decade, while non-renewables have only grown by 24%. Large-scale solar and wind farms are being built, and storage solutions like utility-scale batteries are being developed.

Investment in energy transition technologies has been increasing, with $1.8 trillion invested in 2023 compared to $1.1 trillion in fossil fuels.

The costs of renewable energy, like solar and wind power, have been rapidly decreasing.

Energy efficiency investments have increased, and energy intensity has improved.

Coal-fired power stations are being retired as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

The only problem is that solar and wind energy cannot act as substitutes for fossil fuels. EVs cannot take the place of gasoline-powered vehicles. Resistance is building as this becomes more obvious.

it’s still happening, but it doesn’t work without destroying our national security and our middle class.

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