More Calls for Joe to Quit, Michelle Obama’s Name Came Up


Axios reported earlier that Biden only has a few hours each day, 10 to 4, where he’s compos mentis. They kept that to themselves until now because now they want to ditch him.

The left-wing Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editorial Board published a full front page ad echoing the New York Times telling Joe Biden he must retire.

They said in part, “But the unfortunate truth is that Biden should withdraw from the race for the good of the nation he has served so admirably for half a century.”

Some of his donors are calling for him to step down. They’re split.

Where were they for the past four years? He was obviously out of it, and they knew it. If I knew it, they knew it.

These people don’t care about America or Americans. They only care about power. Right now, they are panicking and are afraid they will lose power. Democrats will do anything in this state.

Replacing him is complicated.

First, he’d have to agree to it. Then they’d have to get their new candidate on the ballot.

The Heritage Oversight Project has identified three swing states that might not be able to put the new candidate on the ballot – Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Removing Biden from the Democratic ticket would prevent anyone else from replacing him.

There would be lawsuits.

Via Fox News:

Wisconsin does not allow a candidate’s name to be withdrawn from the ballot except due to death. Nevada allows changes to its ballot up until 5:00 p.m. on the fourth Friday of June in the election year. It also allows special consideration if nominees die or are determined to be mentally unable to proceed.

Georgia would allow Biden to withdraw up to 60 days before the election. If Biden withdraws afterward, his name will remain on the ballot, but votes for him will be discarded.

Other states have restrictions on timing and the reason for withdrawal from ballots, while others have no procedures on the books, making the prospect of switching Biden out an even more perilous legal minefield.

Michelle Obama’s Name Came Up

Sen. Cruz is saying out loud what many of us fear: Michelle Obama will be on the ticket to save Democrats and their craving for permanent power.

Senator Ted Cruz said:

“I have to say we have just witnessed what I believe is the most consequential presidential debate in U.S. history,” reminding us that “sometimes debates change things, sometimes they don’t.” In this case, Cruz believes the debate “changed things fundamentally.”

“I believe the odds have now skyrocketed. I believe the odds are north of 80 percent that the Democrat Party will remove Joe Biden from the ticket and replace him,” Cruz explained. “And I believe they are likely to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama because Biden did so disastrously badly tonight that Democrats across the country are in utter freefall and complete panic.

He said Michelle Obama was the only person who they could put in and move Kamala to the side. That’s especially true if she goes for Vice President.

Any Democrat will be led by Barack Obama who wants to complete our fundamental transformation.

Then there is the timed lawfare crimes:

The reason people think the Democrats plan some of this is because they plan everything. The world is their stage, and they design all the sets.

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