The Growing Authoritarianism


We support vaccination but not authoritarianism!

In New York City, everything you have and do is controlled by the Democrat Party, including your body. If they tell you to shoot up with an experimental vaccine, you will have to do it.

Without scientific evidence, Bill de Blasio, not a doctor, ordered everyone in the city to get vaccinated and carry a vaccine passport. Anyone who doesn’t can’t go in venues with a roof and three walls — inside, in other words. The unvaccinated pretty much can’t go anywhere.

This includes people who have had COV but didn’t get the vaccine. That is very unscientific and we are talking about an experimental drug here.

Some people get it and are protesting:

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, who represents New York’s 11th congressional district, has teamed up with other local leaders to sue Bill de Blasio for his vaccine mandates in New York City. She shared a video of the announcement on YouTube, only to have YouTube remove the video, saying it “violates community guidelines.”

New York State totalitarian, the disgraced Governor Cuomo who has the record for COV deaths in the nation and whose policies are responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly with COV, is telling nurses and physicians what drugs they must take. Watch:

The draconian mandates, besides stealing our freedoms, are destroying restaurants and will cause food shortages. We will get to fulfill Bernie Sanders’ dream of food lines here in the States.

The more the Left is allowed to intrude on our freedoms under the guise of keeping us safe, the more damage they will do and the more authoritarian they will become.

Democrats ignore the inflation and aren’t looking ahead. They want to believe the economy is fine.

Watch the growing authoritarianism in Australia and weep, because it’s coming here. We are into The Great Reset.

We need treatments right now. And before you go away, here’s more:

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