The “Innocent Civilians” of Gaza


Some innocent civilians of Gaza took part in massacres alongside Hamas, who they voted into power with a majority vote. The civilian population – including the rather young – streamed across the border, tortured, beat, slaughtered, kidnapped, and torched Jews to death.

These are some of your innocent civilians that the Squad wants to bring over to America as immigrants.

Subtitles in the first clip.

This is a so-called Hamas journalist, Palestinian Muhammad Al-Najjar. He live-streamed the slaughter. The Israeli Air Force leveled his property.

He’s saying that they were able to enter one of the most important camps in the occupation zones. It’s the scenic area in Nouraouz, Rouram. He said the fighters were able to intervene directly to kidnap soldiers and kill them and to kill the armed settlers.

Everyone took part. Tell your politicians, you don’t want these refugees.

They immerse their own precious children in hate. This is why no one wants them, but Democrats do. Just say no.

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