The J6 Panel Erased 117 Encryped Files Days Before the Deadline


Just days before Republicans took the majority in the House, the January 6th Select Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files of its probe.

As Representative and Chairman Barry Loudermilk, a Republican from Georgia, investigates the security failures of J6, a great deal of evidence has been destroyed.

Did the evidence include communications of Nancy Pelosi, who was in charge of the Capitol security?

Benny Thompson

House rules required the then-Chairman of the J6 committee, Benny Thompson, to turn over all documents from its investigation to the new GOP-led panel.

Despite promising to do that, Benny Thompson only turned over half of the material.

A forensic team discovered that 117 files were deleted and encrypted on January 1, 2023, just days before the data was supposed to be handed over to Republicans.

Loudermilk has been able to recover some of the data but not the password-protected files. Most of the files are password protected and one file was of an individual whose testimony was not archived by the Select Committee. Loudermilk is demanding the passwords to the encrypted data.

They were supposed to hand over 4 terabytes of data and handed over 2 terabytes.

What do you think Democrats are hiding?

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30 days ago

Overturn all convictions based on these files. Then try all those who participated on this show trial joke.