Zelensky’s Godfather Gave NoKo Advanced Missile Technology?


Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who created Zelensky, allegedly gave ballistic missile technology to North Korea. This was first reported by Tsarism, but I can’t verify it.

French intelligence analyst Thierry Laurent was on the “Euro Bytes” podcast at CDM when he told the interviewer what Igor Kolomoisky had allegedly done.

It seems Ukraine has well-developed missile production capability left over from the Soviets.

“I am the one who delivered this information [to Western intelligence] Laurent declared.

Kolomoisky created Zelensky, who promised to find a path to peace with Russia.

Kolomoisky was arrested in Ukraine for fraud and corruption last September. He allegedly misappropriated UAH 5.8 billion from 2013 to 2014.

He was also banned from the United States and indicted for corruption in 2020. Once the most powerful oligarch in Ukraine, Kolomoiskyi was stripped of his Ukraine citizenship in 2022. Kolomoyskyi is currently a citizen of Israel and Cyprus and says Putin is after him.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
29 days ago

This is all intel arranged, which funded and created the Ukraine regime.

Intel also funded Hamas, Al Queda, Taliban, and gave Red China technology on missiles and multiple warheads.

Tommy Payne
Tommy Payne
29 days ago

Yeah, let’s stop whining about “corrupt” Ukraine. They have nothing on the Biden administration. And remember, it was Clinton that gave the Chinese the guidance technology that allowed them to develop ICBMs under the guise of space exploration. Why is it that the democrat leadership loves the Chinese so much? Is it envy of the top down, dictatorial governance?