The Biden-Obama Plan to Destroy Israel


Joe Biden and Barack Obama, Biden’s close advisor, are pushing the two-state solution. They want to pander to the Islamist voting base. As Hamas/Palestinians make it clear that they exist to destroy Israel and Jews, the administration, mostly staffed by Obama-era advisors, wants to give them the West Bank in addition to Gaza.

In addition, they want the Palestinian Authority to rule over Gaza. The PA funds terrorism.

Barack Obama is a smart man, and he knows full well that what he is proposing could more likely destroy Israel.

If they let Hamas continue and give them or if the Palestinian Authority (PA) gives them (the PA will give the West Bank and Gaza to Hamas freely or by force) the West Bank and Gaza without a blockade, Israel can’t defend its borders any longer. It’s not defendable.

To be fair, Barack Obama has suggested that if they give Hamas and the Palestinian Authority everything they want, there will be peace in the region. That won’t happen, but perhaps he believes it.

Last November, Barack Obama told the Obama Foundation’s 2023 Democracy Forum that there needs to be a two-state solution in the Gaza Strip, and Israel must end its “occupation.” He blamed Israel for the displacement of what he says are over one million people.



The Israelis already have tried this. In 2005, the Israelis pulled out of Gaza completely as a test, before they handed over the West Bank, which is a much larger region.

Within a year, Hamas was voted in. They killed off every single member of the Palestinian Authority. Currently, support for Hamas is at about 70%.

Instead of creating a country for tourists, they decided to become terrorists.

Israel tried blockading Gaza, so they turned around and built tunnels to Egypt. Hamas bribed Egyptian soldiers to let them bring in arms and armies through the tunnels. Most of it is supplied by Iran.

Israel then tried paying Hamas off and that didn’t work either.

Hamas has made it clear they want a one-state solution, and will not rest until every Jew and Israel are gone.

Whenever a terrorist kills Israelis, their family gets paid for life by the Palestinian Authority.


So, Barack Obama and Joe Biden want Gaza to be handed over to the Palestine Authority to be followed by the West Bank to be handed to them as well. This is suicide for Israel.

While Israel is fighting for its very existence, trying to destroy the tunnels in Gaza, the US is working on destroying what’s left of Netanyahu’s popularity. He is very unpopular with the far left in his country, and he’s unpopular with the far left in the United States now running our country.

Blinken and Biden are demanding the suicidal plan be put in place. According to Andrea Mitchell at NBC, senior US officials said that Blinekn deliberately began last week’s trip to the Middle East visiting the Arab nations and not Israel. He’s looking for a post-war peace without Israel being involved. He also met independently with members of Netanyahu‘s cabinet to undermine him. Naturally, the people they’re meeting with are far-left officials. In other words, the US is openly organizing, Arabs, and Israelis against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu rejects the ceasefire at this time.

A divided Israel will certainy destroy them.

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29 days ago

First, obongo is NOT a smart man; he is an idiot and cannot complete a sentence without a teleprompter. Now, his (((handlers))) are smart – and evil – but hussein is a blithering idiot.
Second, how on earth are obongo and xiden trying to ‘destroy israhell’? (((that))) is who is behind, directing and paying for both of them.
Thirdly, getting rid of the bastard state of the israeLIES would be a great start towards peace and stability the world over. Of course, we still have the problem of the antiChrists in all Western Governments and their backing of the red chinese, but its a start!