The Judge in Trump’s Hush Money Trial Is a Progressive Dem


The March 25th criminal case against Donald Trump in Manhattan over Stormy Daniels hush money payment is a setup. District Attorney Alvin Bragg created a campaign finance fraud case out of it by manufacturing a law from whole cloth.

Leftist New York Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is the judge who sent the 75-year-old Trump Organization CFO to prison for five months for alleged tax fraud. The CFO, Alan Weisselberg, was sent to Rikers with hardened criminals.

Judge Merchan donated to far-left Act Blue for campaigns labeled Stop the Republicans and Biden for President.

If you want to talk about fraud, talk about Act Blue. James O’Keefe did an exposé on them. In addition to potential fraud, O’Keefe found that 60% of their donations come from China.


Last April, Donald Trump wrote on TruthSocial: “Juan Manuel Merchan was hand-picked by Bragg and the prosecutors, and is the same person who railroaded by 75-year-old, former CFO Alan Weisselberg.”

Merchan sent a 75-year-old elderly man to the worst prison in New York City for what amounts to a petty crime at most. He also presided over the Steve Bannon fraud case. Trump‘s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said he’s not biased, and the MSN says he’s not.

Merchan also oversaw the criminal tax fraud case against the Trump Organization, in which a jury found two companies from the organization guilty on 17 counts.

The Judge’s daughter, Lauren, is an activist Democrat, per her LinkedIn account. She worked with the election campaign of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. While working with the Harris campaign, she served as the vice president of the Authentic Campaign. Authentic Campaign is a progressive digital agency. Last I heard, his daughter was president of Authentic Campaign.

So, now we have Judge Merchan overseeing Trump’s case, and he doesn’t like Donald Trump. At most, this hush money case would include a fine. But now?

Let’s hope I’m wrong and he’s fair, but don’t count on it.

Fox host Laura Ingraham asked Trump why he doesn’t give up and save himself. He said because he wants to make America great again. Democrats campaign against making America great again with all their heart.

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