Brazil’s Darkest Days


Brazil is collapsing fast into darkness under the pro-Chinese communist Lula, the man the Biden regime [Obama’s regime] and the CIA backed for president. Tucker spoke with the son of the last president, who is a congressman in Brazil. He also spoke with a popular TV host now exiled in Florida.


Tucker took on the pro-Chinese Lula regime who Joe Biden and his communist advisors supported. The election appeared rigged. He spoke with the son of Lula’s political opponent, Eduardo Bolsinaro, the son of the former President.

Eduardo said it is no longer a free country. Journalists covering Brazil live in the United States to survive. Lula forces journalists into exile, and Biden has not spoken against this.

Eduardo Bolsinaro

The regime accuses people and gives them no way to appeal. People who protested, some rioted, are getting 17 years in prison. One congressman is in prison for 99 years for using bad language when criticizing the top Court.

Anyone who supported Javier Bolsinaro is being arrested or spied on.

The US CIA guaranteed democracy by guaranteeing the left-wing Lula won.

In Brazil, it’s a crime to say the election was stolen, even though the CIA was in Brazil interfering in the election.

His father has been declared ineligible to run in 2026 because he complained about the election.

He said with electronic voting machines, you can’t be sure the election is real.

Eduardo is the most popular congressman in Brazil, but he knows he has to be very careful about everything he says. For example, in Brazil, if you criticize the vaccine, you are committing genocide.

China can do whatever they want in Brazil, Eduardo said. He called Lula an old-fashioned communist. He sees the US as colonialists, but not China.

If Brazil becomes Venezuela, the inhabitants will all head for the US, including criminals.

Paulo Figuerido

Tucker also spoke with one of the most famous hosts in Brazil, Paulo Figueiredo, who was stripped of his passport and is in exile in South Florida. It was the most popular conservative TV show.

He said he thought they could only take your passport if you were a criminal. They seized his assets and passport without any charges, but he was still on TV. He lost his podcast and other assets. In January, when people rioted and protested, the station had to get rid of all their conservative stars.

Mr. Figuerido said the US is co-responsible with what is happening in Brazil. The State Department backed this.

He still runs a podcast, and it’s taken down, so he starts another one, and the people resubscribe.

Brazil is becoming totalitarian.

Mr. Figueiredo isn’t the only person. Even a liberal host was taken down and forced into exile. He named several popular hosts who are exiled without having committed crimes. They are arresting mainstream journalists in Brazil and it happened fast, very fast.

As he said, power in the US is moving from the people to the courts. It’s becoming a jurisocracy. He said we’re close to becoming Brazil in the United States.


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