The Leader of the Free World (POTUS) Can’t Spend 8 Months Zooming from a Bubble


Of course, the big news is President Trump has the Chinese Virus.  It’s interesting to note, while the media is flooded with stories speculating on election ramifications, how he got it, and the severity of the illness; we can’t find any such navel-gazing over just how our nation and the free world might survive if a president Biden had been spending the better part of these 8 critical months zooming from some Wuhan-free bubble.

Given the former vice president’s limited, cheery picked availability over the last year,  recently highlighted by the double-digit lockdowns of his campaign during September, it’s legitimate to ask, how on earth could Biden cope with any long term emergency under those self-imposed restrictions?

If Joe’s current crisis management style is a dress rehearsal for this continuing pandemic or any other unforeseen but inevitable, flashpoint in world events, voters should measure that against President Trump’s almost non-stop mission to defeat COVID 19, while driving our economic recovery and still remaining the major player on an international stage.

Can anyone imagine the current version of Joseph Biden doing the following?

Holding daily public briefings with the Corona Virus Task Force.

Meeting personally with leading big-box retailers to set up testing sites

Bringing major manufacturers to the White House, successfully “urging” them to produce PPE & ventilators.

Hosting top U.S. drug companies in the Rose Garden, emphasizing the need for therapeutics & a “warp speed” vaccine.

Having “big builders” foresight in establishing supply chains for critical items listed above.

Openly, forcefully on the record, driving policies that would revitalize a shuttered economy.

Negotiating historic peace agreements between forever enemies in the Middle East.

Continuing to “call out” the Chinese Communists

How many of us could honestly see Biden checking even one of those boxes?

For most of a year now our Commander and Chief has been literally on the front lines of a conflict unprecedented in our lifetimes and has taken some COVID incoming, while Joe’s spent tons of time zooming from his basement bubble.

In a war who would you rather have to lead the fight?  Would you choose the general willing to risk injury in battle, or the general laying low, living virtually, well outside the fray?

A virtual POTUS, with intermittent accessibility, would present a grave, existential threat to both our great nation and the free world.

Prayers for a complete and swift recovery President Trump!  God’s speed.  God Bless America.

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3 years ago

As of this moment Trump has made more appearances than Joe Biden.

And the press makes comments like This:

What is suppose to be “fun” about it.