The Lincoln Project Jokes About Prison Rape


This is a horrible post from the bottom feeders at the Lincoln Project. We all know prison rape is real, and it’s not funny. Here, they are making a joke about it.

Allegedly, they are concerned about abuse in prisons. Clearly, that’s not true.

There is nothing conservative about anyone in the Lincoln Project, and they are disgusting. No low is too low. They are what they claim not to be.

Brandon Straka wrote on the thread:

“So it turns out that all of the left’s petitions for so long about justice reform and the cruelty of the prison system were just more of their meaningless platitudes.

“When left to choose between maintaining their message and integrity for the causes they rally for or acting on their inexhaustible hatred for conservatives- they’re downright giddy about celebrating prison rape, violence, cruel conditions, and of course- none of this is homophobic when THEY do it.”

Soledad Ursua wrote: “Wishing someone to get raped in jail is disturbing and sick.”

Mark Hemingway added a comment. “The Lincoln Project rooting for people to get sodomized against their will is pretty on brand for them.”

Many referred to their history of backing a Lincoln Project member who kept trying to seduce very young men online.

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