Democrat Leadership Doesn’t Know What to Do With or Without Joe


Democrat leadership is allegedly in disarray and is unsure what to do about Uncle Joe. They don’t know if he should stay or go.

A new CNN report out tonight suggests that Democratic leadership in the House is in disarray. They don’t know how to proceed with Biden or without him.

What is hard to understand is how the handlers let Biden go out and debate in his condition. They likely knew the aides said he’s only good from 10 to 4 or 1 to 4.

The Washington Times echoed the CNN report.

Many of President Biden’s backers were despondent Thursday night over his performance in the first debate of the general election, lashing out at the Democratic Party, the debate hosts, and Mr. Biden’s campaign for the president’s rocky night.

Social media erupted with concern over Mr. Biden’s meanderings and mumbled answers, with some supporters demanding his party find a way to replace him on the ballot.

Other Biden backers pleaded with CNN, which was hosting the debate, to step in and rescue him by asking tougher follow-ups to former President Donald Trump.

They weren’t prepared for this? They shouldn’t be in control if they are that out of it. Their lies made them think we’re all stupid and they can say or do anything.

As an aside, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were reportedly under strict orders to not be partisan. They still hate Donald Trump.

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