Wisconsin Wants the Disabled to Download Ballots Online


According to the AP, Republican legislators in the battleground state of Wisconsin appealed a ruling that allows disabled people to download absentee ballots at home without voter ID. This would be effective in November’s presidential election.

It’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

Disability Rights Wisconsin, the League of Women Voters, and four disabled voters sued in April, demanding that disabled people be allowed to download absentee ballots at home and return them to local clerks via email.

In Wisconsin, anyone can cast a paper absentee ballot, but they must return it in person to local election clerks or mail it back.

Anyone could request an absentee ballot electronically until 2011 when then-Gov. Scott Walker signed a Republican-authored bill that allowed only military and overseas voters to use that method. Those voters still must mail their ballots back, just like in-state absentee voters.

Leftist Dane County Circuit Judge Everett Mitchell granted a temporary injunction on June 25 that allows clerks to send voters who self-certify that they can’t read or mark a paper ballot without help ballots electronically in the November election. However, they will have to return the ballots in person or by mail.

GOP legislators filed a notice of appeal on June 28 in the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Waukesha

The lawmakers indicated that they plan to argue that Mitchell improperly granted the injunction because the plaintiffs are unlikely to win the lawsuit and failed to show they’d suffer irreparable harm without the order. They also plan to argue that Mitchell wrongly disrupted the status quo just months before the election.

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