The Media Hides Bipartisan Passage of GOP Funding Bill-12 Dems Voted “Yea”


by James S. Soviero

Remember the Republican, stand-alone, House spending bill sending Israel $14.3 billion to aid them in their war against Hamas? It included cuts to IRS funding and faced fierce opposition from Democrats across Washington.

You likely heard it passed, but in what is constantly described as a polarized political atmosphere, the fact it passed with bipartisan support got precious little attention.

Despite Democrat leadership urging members to vote against the package  by calling the legislation a “cynical political ploy,” presenting “a false choice between funds meant to ensure that wealthy tax cheats and corporations pay their fair share and funds to help our ally Israel defend itself.”; 12 Democrats voted FOR it.

Here are the dozen who figured they didn’t want campaign ads highlighting their support for the IRS and their lack of support for Israel.

Rep. Angie Craig (Minn.), Rep. Don Davis (N.C.), Rep. Lois Frankel (Fla.), Rep Jared Golden (Maine), Rep. Josh Gottheimer (N.J.), Rep. Greg Landsman (Ohio), Rep. Darren Soto (Fla.), Rep Haley Stevens (Mich.), Rep. Juan Vargas (Calif.), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), Rep. Frederica Wilson, (Fla.) and Rep. Jared Moskowitz (Fla.).


Screenshot Speaker Mike Johnson, Fox News interview

Congressman Moskowitz said the quiet part out loud by claiming the bill was designed to put Dems in a “sticky situation.”  His exact words were, “[D]on’t listen to me, the [National Republican Congressional Committee] put out a tweet… within moments of the bill being dropped, that said ‘Democrats are gonna have to choose between the IRS and Israel,’”.  He continued, “That’s the mailer they wanna [send] out. That’s the trap that the NRCC is doing.”

The 12 listed above were probably just as happy this rare act of  “bipartisanship” got very little coverage.

Of course, the corrupt corporate media likely didn’t give a hoot about pols they perceived as Dem turncoats.

More importantly, those so-called “journalists” wanted to make sure that newly elected House Speaker and recently ordained GOP boogeyman Mike Johnson didn’t get credit for what was surely a surprisingly good start to his speakership.

So let’s spread the word ourselves!

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