The Mob Is Coming for the Christians


Violence is necessary for the cultural revolution to work as is the destruction of Christianity. The violence is coming and Christians are a prime target. Black Lives Matter and Antifa make up much of the mob. Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of BLM, has made it clear they can’t have a second Trump term.

Black Lives Matter is a communist organization and they openly admit it. A lot of people think it’s a group that cares about Blacks and protests the tragic death of George Floyd.

George Soros funded Black Lives Matter with $33 million dollars and the group gets a lot of money from American corporations after they shake them down. The three co-founders are Marxists who want to overthrow the U.S. government. They hate capitalism and the U.S. culture.

Marxism and Christianity are polar opposites and cannot co-exist. That makes Christians, especially Evangelicals into targets.


Fake Black man, Shaun King, one of the most famous of the Black Lives Matter proponents, called for the destruction of all statues and art of the white Jesus in churches and he wants to destroy the churches themselves. They certainly are doing that in Europe.

King said that he thinks “the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. He claims, “they are a form of white supremacy, always have been.” Then he said when the family of Jesus wanted to hide and blend in, they went to Egypt, not Denmark.

He also called for “all murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form of white supremacy, created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

Shaun King, who pretended he was Black, is a racist against his own race.

Throughout the world, Christians are under attack. In the U.K., they arrest Christian street preachers and a woman who posted a Bible verse on social media was fired.

Christianity Today reports that Pinterest is censoring Bible verses and Christian terms.

A pastor who ‘liked’ conservative Charlie Kirk’a tweet was kicked out of the public housing projects.

“The Housing Authority of Birmingham Division voted on Monday to no longer allow church volunteers and clinic workers to do work at public housing communities.”

They want to cancel the church’s ministry to the poor because they did not like the pastor’s social media likes, it seems.

Christians who support Black Lives Matter must listen to this clip:

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