Latest demand: statues, art of Jesus are tools of white supremacy, must be taken down


‘Christianity’ is trending because the leftists want to come for our churches next.


Fake black man Shaun King wants to tear down our churches now and he’s not alone. King is the most famous Black Lives Matter leader. There are thousands of tweets calling for tearing down symbols of Christianity. They’re a symbol of white supremacy, they claim. Many are just demonizing Christians.

Do you still think Black Lives Matter and Antifa are anything but Marxist agitators?

These are just a few of the vile tweets:


The communist mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio wants the statue of Theodore Roosevelt taken down from the Museum of Natural History. It’s flanked by a Native-American and a Black man, but it’s very respectful. De Blasio thinks it’s racist. He wants everything that represents America’s past taken down, literally.

The Marxist radicals in San Francisco took down George Washington’s statue and General Grant’s. Grant married a woman who owned a slave and they set her free. However, he freed all the slaves. He won the war.

The radicals in D.C. tried to take down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park today.

Black Lives Matter, backed by $33 million from George Soros and generous funding from American companies, is clearly trying to erase our history and convince us the Constitution was forged by white supremacists. Then they can write a new one and it will be a Marxist one.

They are working on destroying our rights and our freedoms. They’re lies about the nation being built by white supremacists to oppress the black man have taken root with the help of the NY Times and other media outlets.

The NY Times is pushing their anti-American 1619 curricula into schools.


It’s My Country and I’ll Cry If I Want To

It is almost beyond belief that America is being trashed the way it is.  I mean, here we have a country that provides more opportunities to more people than any other nation the planet has ever seen, and millions of its own citizens apparently want to destroy the traditions making that possible.

Never mind that tens of millions of folks all over the world are trying to become American citizens.  Forget the absolute fact that the USA freed billions of people enslaved by fascism, communism, and Islamic fundamentalism.  Totally ignore our Constitution, and economic strength based on hard work as well as ingenuity.  Throw out our willingness to spend trillions to support the poor, not only here but abroad.

Yes, reject those facts and kneel in contrition to a false view of America.  One that is championed mostly by radical leftists who see the USA as an evil institution built on the backs of slaves and poor, exploited minority people.  Kneel and allow criminals to go unpunished, police to be demonized, babies to be aborted for any reason, private property to be destroyed, and your fellow citizens harmed if they dare challenge the liberal agenda.

Kneel.  Cower before the twitter mob that rejects President Lincoln’s statement “and malice towards none.”  Hope the brutish mob bypasses you.

Virtue-signaling is now a pandemic.  Insanity and psychic violence on gross display in prime time.  The corporate media loves it, profits from it, embraces the potential destruction and “enlightened” change the mob demands.

Never again should American voters be allowed to elect a person like Trump.  Now if you support him and the Republicans, you are not only deplorable, you are a racist.  You are not worthy of any consideration or even a job in some cases.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, all were terrible men. Their statues and accomplishments must be destroyed.  It is virtuous to highlight their sins.  It is noble to spread the big lie: America was founded on white supremacy and the country still runs on that.

So kneel while the Woke mob burns our history, ignoring this reality: no person, no nation, is devoid of sin.  But it is the totality of a life that must be honestly evaluated as well as the totality of a nation.

The mob will never acknowledge that truism. The mob has no specific solution to any problem.  It only wants revenge for past injustice so it can rule in the present.  And the politicians, corporate chieftains, celebrities, professors, journalists, and even the clerics fear the mob.

So kneel.  Or else.

Back in 2015, one of the Black Lives Matter co-founders, Patrisse Cullors stated that they are “trained Marxists”:

The goal is to get Trump out:


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