The Moment the US Missile Hit the Beach in Sevastopol


US global hawks allegedly directed the fire of US-provided cluster bombs on Russian civilians in Sevastopol. Is the Biden administration trying to start World War III?

A global hawk is an unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance aerial vehicle.

Ukraine is bombing Crimea and wants to absorb them back into Ukraine. Why would Crimeans want to join Ukraine after getting bombed?

Global Hawk. First flight. Flight number 017-0001. From Palmdale, Ca to Edwards AFB. Photo by Bobbi Zapka.

Allegedly, civilians on a beach were attacked.

Those who were at the water’s edge were hit the hardest as parts of cluster munitions flew toward the beach from the sea, according to Oleg Komarov, the head of Sevastopol’s emergency services unit.

“There were shrapnel wounds. We evacuated those who were seriously injured first,” he said. “Doctors stopped the bleeding and handed them over to ambulance crews.”

The moment the bomb hit:

From RT:
…Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev said that the official death toll had been revised down to four after initial reports had indicated five deaths. According to the late estimates, 151 were injured in the attack with 27 children in a Sevastopol hospital, six of whom are in serious condition.  Over 80 people required hospitalization.


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