Update: Attack in Russia; Militant Allegedly Said US Funded Them


This is early reporting, and information could change.

The terrorists who launched an attack in Russia appeared to be radical Islamists. Russia reports that four are dead, and the active phase of their investigation is complete.

The news agency TASS has released blurred images that it says are the bodies of two of the four gunmen killed in Derbent.

The Orthodox priest who was murdered didn’t just have his throat slit; he was allegedly beheaded.

Seven police officers were killed while confronting the militants. One of them was the police chief of the town of Dagestanskiye Ogni, who had gone to help fellow officers in Derbent and was mortally wounded there, according to the regional Interior Ministry.

A significant number of people were injured in Makhachkala, where officers and militants were engaged in street fighting. A total of 16 people, including 13 policemen, were rushed to the main regional hospital, according to the latest update. Previous reports from the regional capital said four militants were killed there.

Our border is wide open, and if you think terrorists won’t exploit the border, you need to get your head out of the sand. Panama officials told us years ago, while Barack Obama was in power that terrorists were sneaking in with the illegal migrants pouring in.

Now, we have to worry about Russian retaliation.

During the interrogation of one terrorist, the man alleged he was paid $5500 from the US and obtained weapons through Telegram. Maybe he was put up to say that. That’s a confession from one of the captives they were probably torturing.

He said they were instructed to kill people indiscriminately.

These militants must be complete morons.

Report Via Sputnik News Agent:

Dagestan reported that in Derbent, unknown persons fired at a synagogue and a church with automatic weapons.

Later, information appeared that a traffic police post in Makhachkala was fired upon, and shooting began on the streets of the city; The CTO regime has been deployed in Dagestan; measures are underway to search for and neutralize the shooters.

As a result of terrorist attacks in Dagestan, nine people were killed; seven of them were law enforcement officers, and another 25 people were injured.

The head of the city’s police department was killed in the city of Dagestanskya Ogni. In Makhachkala and also in Derbent, a synagogue was attacked.

A priest and a synagogue security guard were killed in Derbent, and a church security guard was killed in Makhachkala.

In the Makhachkala church where the security guard died, 19 people were hiding from the militants. The information that they were being held hostage turned out to be unreliable; they were all already safe.

Four militants were eliminated in Makhachkala.

Unknown people fired at a police car in the center of the village of Sergokala, one officer was wounded.

The head of the Sergokalinsky district, Omarov, whose sons could have been involved in the terrorist attack, was detained and interrogated.

According to RIA Novosti sources, he will be dismissed. The police have blocked exits from Makhachkala; they say that the militants’ accomplices may try to escape.

The active phase of the counter-terrorism operation has been completed in Derbent, NAC reported. 16 people were hospitalized as a result of a shootout with terrorists in Makhachkala, including 13 police officers and three civilians, the Dagestan Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. Security measures have been strengthened in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Clips Online

Cossack notes that the attack was perfectly timed with the Ukrainian attack with US missiles in Crimea. The suggestion is this was a CIA operation meant to distract from the attack on civilians in Crimea. Isn’t that a war crime?

What do you think of Kit Dot Com’s comment?

Biden-approved missiles killed civilians. Yet, he is so worried about civilians in Gaza, where most of the people are raised to be terrorists.

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