The Most Horrific Report on Illegal Immigration


Senator James Lankford gave a thorough and thoroughly frightening review of the illegal immigration into our country that everyone should hear on the clip below. To me his solutions are wholly inadequate, but he didn’t hesitate to describe the problem.

He notes that over 6 million people have entered the country illegally, but that leaves out some who have sneaked in who’ve flown in, et cetera. It’s actually over 8 million.

“Immigration in the United States this week, less than three years into president Biden’s term, we’ve now had more people illegally cross the border in the less than three years under the Biden administration then we had under the eight years of the Obama administration and the four years of the Trump administration.

If you count both terms of the Obama administration and the Trump administration that was 6 million people that illegally crossed the border under this president in less than three years, not 12, in less than three, we now have had more than six million people illegally across the border.

The numbers were down for a month, but they popped right back up again.

“The Washington Post last week had a headline that read highest number of illegal family crossings in the history of the country was in August of this year. “


Senator Lankford walked through the options the DHS has laid out to make it easier for people to come here illegally, unvetted people whom we know nothing about from more than 150 countries. Many come from countries where we’re hated.

The options are set up “to facilitate a more rapid crossing…. Let me give you one. If you come to the port of entry, you can now, before you get to a port of entry on the southern border actually check in ahead of time to make your process of checking in faster. It’s an app that you can get on your phone called the CBP. If you download that app, you fill out the form, where you’re from. Then when you get to the border, you’ll be expedited through the process at the port of entry and released into the country. if you’re one of those folks that have filled out the app and have gone through, you’ll be quickly screened.

“According to the testimony that we heard yesterday, 90% of those folks are released almost immediately into the country and within 30 days they have a work permit. Now these are not folks that have applied for a visa… these are not folks that have gone through the H1B or H2B or any of those processes… these are not folks that have actually gone through the formal process of getting a work permit. These are folks that have come from all over the world, have filled out an app right before they came across the border, and then they were facilitated right into the country.


“And if you think these are folks that are coming in from Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico, more than 150 countries have crossed the border this year.
Senator Lankford explained that if you didn’t fill out the app, all you have to do is tell them you didn’t and you can fill it out there. It just takes longer.

You will still be released come be put on fake parole into the country, wil get a work permit within 30 days, and be allowed to go anywhere you want.

People who don’t come through the ports of entry, and swim to get here will go through the desert get picked up and still released into the country. The only difference is they wait two months for their work permit.

The only vetting that is done is to see if the person is on the terror watch list.

All anyone has to do is say they want asylum. The asylum laws were broken by this administration. It just so happens that Soros had recommended just such an approach.

As Lankford said, They will take you anywhere you want to go or help you get there. If you say you want to go to New York City, they will help you get there. Governor Adams says he has 100 thousand of these people. It’s not Governor Abbott sending them it’s Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas.

Once in New York City, they set up the next hearing date for you. Senator Lankford looked at the next hearing date it’s October 2032.


Then there are the criminals and the terrorists coming across. Senator Lankford addressed that too.

We’ve had 15,000 people that have illegally crossed the border, many in the open desert area from China. When I talk to the folks from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics at home, they tell me most of the criminal organizations that are growing illegal marijuana and facilitating drug trafficking in my state are Chinese nationals that have illegally crossed the border. [They] are partnering with Mexican cartels from Chinese criminal organizations to be able to do business and drug trafficking in my state.

“Those folks crossed between ports of entry were checked in at a Border Patrol station and waived into my country and they’re now running criminal operations in my state – 15,000 Chinese nationals just this year.

“There are “10,000 citizens of Mauritania that have illegally crossed our border this year that we know of. Bonus points to anyone in this room that can point out Mauritania without looking it up on a map. Right now 10,000 that have come in by the way Mauritania, a fast growing area in West Africa where al Qaeda is quickly accelerating

“We have exactly no criminal information exchange with Mauritania …we have no idea these individuals if they committed crimes in their home country why they left… we have no information about them – in an area that is literally a hotbed for al Qaeda… we have facilitated through this process set up by the White House 10,000 individuals into our country.


Media reported this week that an ISIS affiliate has been working with cartels in Mexico to facilitate citizens of Uzbekistan into our country across the border from Mexico into our country. Those individuals have crossed into our country and under this process were released and we currently don’t know where they are.

“Now can someone explain to me why an ISIS affiliate is working with Uzbek citizens to be able to traffic them across our southern border into the United States?

“Under the current policies of this administration they are being released into the country unsupervised.”

Some illegal aliens are released into the country with an alternative to detention. They were given a phone that’s actually a GPS device to track them. Their hearing could be 10 years down the road but the GPS only lasts for 130 days.

Lankford wants to define asylum and he also wants to increase the number who come in on work permits so they’re vetted. He then explained that these people have no vetting. They don’t have any paperwork either


Many of the folks that crossed the border show up with no paperwork at all. In fact, it’s very common for Chinese citizens, when they show up, they show up with a photocopy of a passport, not the actual passport. They show up with a photocopy of the passport and say this is me, and we have no idea if that’s actually their passport photo, their details, how that photocopy’s been doctored.

“Other folks show up with no birth certificate, no passport, no ID of any type and they just say a name and they say a country and they’ve been told by Department of Homeland Security, just write down the new name, write down the country. They tell you process them into the country, hand them this new ID, and they can travel anywhere in the country they want to go.


“We have lost our mind that’s not what it’s supposed to be like to do immigration in the United States, so what do we need to do about it? Fix the definition of asylum. I need colleagues on both sides of the aisle to actually talk to this administration and to say why is the Democrat party becoming the party of illegal activity?…

I look at this and now know that Lankford gets it. Biden and his administration are criminals breaking the law, but he feels powerless to do anything more than beg for definitions and more work permits.

This warrants charges of treason and arrest, but no one will do it.


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