The New Nazis


“We penetrate the cabinets” – Klaus Schwab. “By 2030 U.S. dominance will be over” – The WEF. Now, look at what Biden has done to your border. The invasion they invited. The weakening of our military. The war on oil. All of it is intentional destruction. Not “predictions,” but plans. ~ Twitter User

There are new Nazis in town and they aren’t people like Kanye. Ye’s a distraction. The Nazis are the fascists of the World Economic Forum and their allies who want to ban farms and meat, develop social credit systems, force digitial IDs and vaccine passports, recommend lockdowns and lie about medical interventions. The people who want our money and our labor and who tell us we will own nothing are the people to fear.

Those who cancel people they disagree with or covertly influence elections while destroying our currency and our sovereignty – all that we believe in – are the new Nazis.

The people who tell us we must exist on solar and wind although they cannot sustain us are the people to fear.

Can you see the Nazi swastika in the new APEC symbol – overlay a swastika on it. It’s a very appropriate logo for this crew, and people better start waking up. If you have to start your meetings saying it’s not a Swastika, maybe you should get another logo.

Snopes took it on and said research is on the way. The Japanese have a symbol like it and are taking it off their road signs.

How about the LGBT shirts:

Ye doesn’t terrify me – he needs mental help. These people do terrify me.

This lunatic terrifies me:

Look at the list of this year’s new World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab) global leaders on this link.

This is a given:

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2 months ago

Europe will be on fire next year , look at what is going on in the Netherlands .Forced closures of 3k farms for Nitrogen crap people don’t have heat people don’t have heat or jobs they riot and the pain givers will die from the citizens. Nobody cares enough because they haven’t seen how it will effect them yet.

Last edited 2 months ago by brian
2 months ago

mankind will learn the hard way … that ‘it’ does not run the show … the “CREATOR” does … and “HE” has had enough with the behavior of “HIS” created … stay tuned … to all of the filth and frauds who play leaders on this ‘cesspool’ of a planet … that mankind created …

2 months ago


2 months ago

Democrats have embodied Nazi Ideology since the 1830s. Just look at what they have done and stop listing to their lies!