Mark Dice and Ben Shapiro on Ye’s Last Stand


Ben Shapiro, a Jewish man targeted by Ye, offers his opinion about Ye’s suspension from Twitter. He emphasized Ye’s mental illness. Shapiro said he should not be off Twitter. Shapiro believes that the more he exposes himself, the better for all of us. He also thinks that anyone who takes these comments seriously given his mental state is cynical.

Ye needs intervention for his mental problems.

We should be careful in Ye’s case. He could end up suicidal, Shapiro warns.

Mark Dice says Ye’s comments during his interview with Alex Jones and comments Ye made afterward were off the rails. Alex Jones tried to stop him and save him from himself, but it didn’t work.

Ye is off Twitter, possibly permanently. He owes the government $50 million in back taxes. Dice thinks he could end up in prison. Ye’s bank account just nosedived due to his repeated anti-Semitic rants.

As Elon Musk tweeted, FAFO.

Ye even went after Bibi Netanyahu.

Mark Dice said Ye didn’t just jump the shark. He catapulted off it. It’s hard to see any way back for him.

Let’s hope someone intervenes and helps Ye. He has a serious mental illness. It’s always sad when someone suffers from a mental illness, and he has so much talent.

Ye should have stuck to music.


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