The NY Times Poll Is Devastating for Joe Biden


A New York Times/ Siena College poll is out, and the results are devastating for the figurehead President, senile Joe Biden. However, I can’t get excited about it because the Left always has a Plan B. For example, they might replace him at the convention.

If this poll is accurate, Joe Biden is losing ground with loyal Biden/Democratic supporters.

Overall results via reporter Ryan Girdusky: 43/48 Men: 40/49, Women: 46/46, 18-29 year-olds: 53/41, White: 40/53, Black: 66/23, Hispanic: 40/46, Other: 43/45, White with college: 55/40, White without college: 29/62, Midwest: 39/55, Suburb: 46/44, Biden 2020: 83/10.

Total: Trump 48% and 43% Biden, and 10% Don’t Know or Refuse to Say.

Donald Trump is getting half the women, most Hispanic, and look at the increase in black voters. It looks like a lot of black people aren’t falling for the whole white supremacy scam.

Trump is killing it in the Midwest.

The Democrats will get more desperate now, and they will react badly.

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