Steve Baker Was Shackled and Charged for What He Said


Steve Baker, a Blaze author and journalist, was arrested on misdemeanor charges for his actions – journalism – on January 6. His crime was how he reported on January 6. As Mr. Baker says in the clip, they nailed him for “scary” words they didn’t like. That has been true of all or most of the J6 defendants. The Left hates free speech for anyone who disagrees with them.

“I probably don’t have a lot to say right now,” Mr. Baker said into the camera. “I need to process for a little while. I’m actually still shaking a little bit. I don’t like what I just went through. I don’t like the deliberate humiliation that they put me through. There was no reason to do that; there was no reason to march me into a courtroom in leg chains today. There was somebody there answering for a felony, and they weren’t in chains. My charges are misdemeanors.


“It’s, it’s mind-boggling, but that is unfortunately the type of selective persecution that January 6 defendants are facing and ultimately what we are looking at here. And probably the only reason that many of the January 6 defendants have had to go through what they had to go through is because of what I’ve talked about so many times and what I’ve written about so many times. It’s called scary words.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Stuart Rhodes. It doesn’t matter if it’s the grandmother who chanted, “USA, USA,” in the Capitol. it’s the scary words that were said.

“If you don’t say the right thing at the right time and comport to the right narrative, that’s what they’re going to do – they are going to come after us. That’s exactly what’s happened.

“It’s not, uh, these charges have nothing to do with my behavior at the Capitol. These charges are reflective of what I said before and after my speech, what I thought about things that I joked about. That’s what is reflective of…”

[Americans are no longer protected by the First Amendment under this administration.]

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