The Odd Connection Between Kavanaugh Accusers Is a Radical


Two of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers have an odd connection, although we can’t say if it’s anything more than that.

None of his accusers have witnesses to back up their allegations or any evidence for that matter — just gossip. Their stories also haven’t been consistent, but two of them, Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford and credible Julie Swetnick have the Debra Katz law firm in common.

Attorney Katz represents Ms. Blasey and her firm represented credible Julie Swetnick ten years ago.

Ms. Katz is a Resistance leader and a pro-abortion extremist and she has ties to two accusers.

The Wall Street Journal published Wednesday interesting details that the Washington Post, Michael Avenatti, and The New Yorker couldn’t find.

Roughly a decade ago, Ms. Swetnick was involved in a dispute with her former employer, New York Life Insurance Co., over a sexual-harassment complaint she filed, according to people familiar with the matter. Representing her in the complaint was the firm run by Debra Katz, the lawyer currently representing Dr. Ford. The company ultimately reached a financial settlement with Ms. Swetnick, the people said.

A spokesman for New York Life confirmed that Ms. Swetnick worked there as an agent for less than two years, from 2006 to 2008. She didn’t list her work there on a résumé posted online.

Did Katz pick Swetnick up out of her files? Credible Julie is the perfect candidate.

Ms. Swetnick has a history of filing criminal and sexual harassment complaints that go nowhere, and her former boyfriend had to file a restraining order against her.

About that feminist Ms. Katz:

The lawyer is a far-left radical, one of the most renowned and most radical in the country.

Debra Katz, a legendary attorney and expert in sexual harassment, employment, and whistleblower law, is one of the first lawyers who offered to participate in the newly announced NWLC Legal Network for Gender Equity

…She told an interviewer for National Women’s Law Center: The need for lawyers to support the work of mission-driven, social justice groups has never been more urgent. This administration’s explicit agenda is to wage an assault on our most basic rights – from reproductive rights to our rights to fair pay. NWLC has fought for these rights for over four decades and has secured crucial legal victories even in repressive times. 

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