The Only Thing That Will Save America Is This


This is the only thing that will save America from becoming a Third World Hellhole – mass deportations. Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis promise mass deportations of the millions of anonymous illegal aliens who have flooded our border.

I don’t know how they can do it, but the promise is a good beginning. They both have followed through on their promises to the best of their ability.

I agree if you prefer Donald Trump, but I think Ron DeSantis could be a second choice. I don’t watch the lies going back and forth to cancel the other. I am worried about the United States and ALL the American people. Of course, I care about Ukrainian and Israeli people, but I care first about my country and fellow Americans, especially the children.

I am worried they will cancel Donald Trump, and we need a fallback position. This is too important. With these millions, the fascist Progressive Democrats will have one-party rule, and you can kiss America goodbye. It won’t be normal Democrats running the show, and Republicans will never win another election.

Of course, Republicans have to take the presidency, the House, and the Senate.

America First!

This is the UK, and they need to begin deportations also:

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