The Pathocrats Transforming the United States


“For the last seven years, media and governing elites said they were protecting democracy, but they weren’t. They were undermining it. Events of the last year reveal that elites had near-total control over the media. Since losing control, they have started persecuting their enemies,” Michael Shellenberger wrote on X.

He posted photos of fourteen culprits.
Left-to-right starting in the upper row: Thierry Breton, top EU official seeking to expand censorship of social media platforms; Nina Jankowicz, proposed head of US government “Disinformation Governance Board; Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, advocate of allowing police to enter homes to find “hate speech”; World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab; George Soros; Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; NBC “disinformation reporter” Ben Collins; ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt; John Podesta; UK MP Damian Colins; ISD Founder Sasha Havlicek; DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas; FBI Director Christopher Wray; Center for Countering Digital Hate Founder Imran Ahmed (Getty Images)

Mr. Shellenberger left out Barack Obama.

“Between early 2016 and this year, the media and political establishments that govern the United States, Britain, Canada, and the European Union have described themselves as defenders of democracy and freedom from nationalist politicians, political parties, and social movements,” he wrote. “Those populist movements intend to take power and then end democracy as we know it, the media and mainstream political parties agreed. If allowed to gain more influence, they will become identical to the Nazi and other fascist parties that came to power in Europe nearly 100 years ago.”

Shellenberger said they are far more dangerous than any movement they are protecting us from.

He has a word for them – Pathocrats, psycho-narcissists.

He borrowed the word from the late Polish psychologist Andrew Lobacweski, who documented the prevalence of narcissists and psychopaths in leadership positions in totalitarian regimes. Shellenberger uses it to describe DHS, DOJ, FBI, and others.

They demanded lockdowns, platformed and smeared doctors, epidemiologists, and other scientists who dissented from various dogmas, from the pandemic’s probable origin in a Wuhan lab. They’ve engaged in lawfare.

Read more here.

Car bombings in Sweden

Open borders are part of their movement.

We, too, can be like Sweden if we let these pathocrats continue unimpeded. In the past decade, fatal shootings in Sweden have doubled. They have serious gun problems in Sweden.

According to the Financial Times, Sweden now has one of the highest fatal shootings in Europe.

By 2022, 250,881 residents of Sweden, or approximately 3% of the total population, were born in Africa. According to Pew Research, over 300,000 people from the Middle East have arrived in recent years. There are only ten million people in Sweden.

The male immigrants are the gang youth, and they are the major cause of the crime.

Millions of single male immigrants are pouring into the US. They are mostly unemployable, non-English speaking people with no skills. It’s a recipe for disaster.

If you doubt that our leaders – the pathocrats – are capable of deliberately destroying us, think of what Michael Shellenberger said about our leaders. Remember the lockdowns, the lies, weaponizing through lawfare, deplatforming, smearing, school closures, unjust imprisonments, and, in Canada, bank account freezes. These are totalitarians. They are the Nazis.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

It’s a conspiracy folks, they want to tear it all down, they have personal interest in doing so. There are too many people across the globe with similar ideas for destruction to not be a conspiracy.

1 month ago

It’s “commutarded”…

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

This is the first time I see the word pathocrat, did not know it existed, but I have been “diagnosing” the left, the authoritarian totalitarian left as psychopaths for years.

Slowly, patiently over the last 60 years or so they have infiltrated almost every institution and now have almost complete control.

They control what information reaches the public, they control what people think, what they can say, they control who goes to prison and who gets a pass, they control who counts the votes.

and this is the short list.

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
1 month ago

When I first saw the word “pathocrats,” my mind processed it as “pathetic rats.”