Sen. Menendez Faces New Federal Charges


New federal charges for Senator Menendez. He took luxury items to say nice things about Qatar.

In addition to helping Egypt in exchange for financial reward, Senator Robert Menendez is facing new federal charges for using his position to benefit Qatar.

Menendez, 70, was charged by federal prosecutors with accepting bribes from Fred Daibes, a prominent New Jersey developer, in exchange for the Senator’s help securing financial backing from an investment fund with ties to the Qatari government.

“When he accepted at least certain of those things of value,” prosecutors wrote, “Mr. Daibes also expected Menendez, in exchange, to take action to benefit the government of Qatar, and thereby benefitting Daibes, who was seeking millions of dollars in investment from a fund with ties to the government of Qatar.”

If they can get the goods on Menendez, why can’t they find anything on Hunter’s laptop or in Joe Biden’s dealings?

Menendez took 10,000 watches to make positive comments about Qatar [which sponsors terrorism].

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

It’s a correct but selective prosecution. They are using him to show that they also prosecute democrats.