The Persecution of Brendon Straka, Founder of the Walk Away Movement


This is a horrible story of the FBI persecution of Brendon Straka, leader of the Walk Away movement. He never committed any act of violence or entered the Capitol on January 6th. Nevertheless, an FBI SWAT team came into his apartment at dawn. They got him out of bed, took his things, handcuffed him, and escorted him to jail.

Is this a wise use of resources?

His experience in jail is horrendous.

Charged with a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct, a class B, petty offense, Mr. Straka was given a felony punishment. They treat J6 misdemeanors as felonies. He has never been accused of a crime before this. Mr. Straka was given 3-year probation, 3 months of house arrest, 60 days of community service, mental health reviews, and more. The FBI wanted to surveil his phone, and social media to make sure he didn’t commit another misdemeanor.

“More than ninety percent of BLM anarchists had their charges dropped entirely”, he said.

The Sentinel believes Mr. Straka is a target because he united LGBTs like himself with non-LGBTs in the Make America Great Again movement.


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1 year ago

The Congress is scared of the The People! If they weren’t betraying The People, they wouldn’t have anything to be scared of. If a “Protest” can scare a Congressman, then they shouldn’t be in Congress. If your easily scared, you are also easily corrupted. Our founding fathers put everything on the line to create America, and Congressmen today are too scared of losing their donors to do what’s right. Most people in Congress have never served in the Military and many haven’t had a real job in their lives because they are Lawyers. I don’t vote any Lawyer to hold an Executive Branch or Legislative Brand Office. Lawyers are only slightly above the Media when it comes to Honor!

Because they are scared they have created a 3rd World Despot Government in America. A lot of politicians and their friends are the ones who really belong in prison. I hope the America First Congress finds the balls to jail all the traitors.