The Privilege of Revolutionary BLM Democrats Firebombing Police


The firebombed police cruiser

During the George Floyd riots, armed with Molotov Cocktails, two communist revolutionaries firebombed a police car – four police officers barely escaped the vehicle. Although the BLM terrorists faced ten years in prison, they will receive a light sentence – they are the privileged.

There is no bail for these two, and they also get to remain on home confinement – unlike the J6 rioters. This is the PRIVILEGE of the revolutionary communist Democrats of BLM.

Ms. Rahman wearing her Palestinian jihadi scarf.

It’s good they’re not white Republicans.

Federal prosecutors in New York are seeking remarkably dramatically reduced sentences for the privileged duo. They have not made any justification for that request.


Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, both attorneys from Brooklyn, agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit arson. Under the deal, prosecutors agreed to recommend an 18- to 24-month sentence, but a judge could still impose the maximum sentence of five years behind bars.

That’s down from the government’s previous plan to see a 10-year sentence with terrorism enhancement. Originally, they faced 40 years. They could have killed the officers and they are terrorists.

The New York City Police Benevolent Association released this statement in response:

PBA Statement on Reduced Sentence for ‘Molotov Cocktail Lawyers’

Federal prosecutors are reportedly seeking a reduced sentence for two attorneys who are pleading guilty to firebombing an NYPD vehicle in Brooklyn in 2020.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch:

“There is absolutely no justification for lowballing the sentence for an anti-police terrorist attack. It’s bad enough that these dangerous criminals have been allowed to sit at home for the past two years. Handing them a below-guidelines sentence would give a green light to other anti-police radicals who seek to advance their cause through violence. The judge must reject this request.”


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