Biden Points to Who’s to Blame for the Baby Formula Crisis – YOU!


This week, Joe Biden blamed the American people for not paying attention to all he’s doing to fight inflation – which is nothing. He’s causing it. For example, as gas prices reached record highs, Biden’s government shut down exploration leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

Jen Psaki blamed parents yesterday for the baby formula shortages sweeping across the country. She said they’re hoarding it. They might be but it’s the result of the government’s inaction – not the cause of the problem.

When asked about high gas prices, the Biden administration says you should just buy an electric car.

Little Red Lying Hood also made a ridiculous statement about buying baby formula from abroad. Foreign countries don’t have any stockpiles of baby formula to send us.

So, it’s our fault, guys!

A privileged white woman, Bette Midler, arrogantly instructed the peasants to breastfeed.

The FDA knew in October that the almost monopolistic Abbott labs were contaminated and did nothing. The plant only shut down in December.

Abbott Labs can’t even get the FDA to answer their phone calls to get them to come back and inspect. Abbott has been ready for a month.

The White House did nothing. NOTHING! They never have a plan for anything.

Biden actually said he’s not a mind reader although he knew since at least February.

Big Government can’t do anything right.

Instead of sending baby formula to illegal aliens, send the aliens home. Secure the border. The government is causing the problem.

Too many people rely on the government. Government is in every area of our lives and they do everything badly.

They also blame us for the climate, as well as for the lack of baby formula, and for basically everything. In truth, whatever problem exists, the government causes or exacerbates it.

The Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, also blames you for climate change. You want to feed your babies and dress your children, you greedy peasant.

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